Dutch minister unwell in parliament due to fatigue …


During the debate in the House of Representatives on the corona crisis, the Dutch Minister of Medical Care Bruno Bruins became unwell due to fatigue.

Suddenly he collapsed behind the pulpit and lay on the floor for a moment. He was helped to his feet by his accelerated colleague Wouter Koolmees. Bruins ran away with the others. The debate was immediately suspended. It was a passing, the minister said on Twitter. “Now things are going better again,” but the minister is going “home to rest tonight.”

Bruins was hit hard by many MPs who were dissatisfied with his assessment of the shortages of protective equipment in healthcare and his approach to getting the things. Under pressure from the opposition, he made a number of commitments.

The “intensive weeks” have become too much for Bruins, he thinks. The minister is the pivot of the cabinet in the fight against the advancing virus. He hopes that he can “get back to work on Thursday to fight the corona crisis as best he can” and thanks for “all your support from just now.”

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