Dog makes deliveries to neighbor in quarantine – video


Sputnik France—video/

A golden retriever from Colorado, in the United States, helps a neighbor with health problems to live better in his forties by delivering his errands.

Christened Sunny, this golden retriever lives with its owner in Manitou Springs, Colorado. When their longtime neighbor quarantined herself for health reasons, they invented a clever way to help her do her shopping.

The technique is as follows: the neighbor gives a list to Sunny, who brings it to her mistress. She then goes to the store, goes shopping and the dog delivers them to her, her owner told local television station KKTV.

A precious help

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, Sunny has been going back and forth between her house and that of her neighbor.

The latter says that getting food and especially the visits of this adorable animal make his days in quarantine more bearable.

Sunny also brings mail back to her owner and even picks up trash during her walks.


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