Demand for shelters after coronavirus in the US


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Shelter is not the best way to get infected with Coronavirus-19, some Americans are confident, and the unprecedented demand for these types of products is proof.

Representatives of the industry explained to Rianosti about existing market trends for survival and self-defense, Sputnik reported.

“Yes, we are seeing a significant increase in our product orders and inquiries,” said Clyde Scott, founder of Rising S. As things get worse, people start thinking about building shelters and investing in them.

The company produces shelters that are the cheapest one-room bunker on the Web for $ 39,500, the largest option with a sauna, patio, billiard room, pool and multi-car garage for more than $ 8 million.

According to him, the current interest in building Bunker and other shelters is unprecedented.

“We’ve never seen a rise in shelters for medical reasons,” Scott said. Usually, our sales depend on political actions that can lead to violations of civil liberties or unrest.


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