Coronavirus panic is growing in Australia: Two passengers on the train fight ‘cough’


Sputnik Turkey

While the coronavirus outbreak has surrounded almost all countries of the world, an image from Australia has once again exposed citizens’ virus panic.

Last week, another interesting scene came from Australia, where the market shelves were empty and toilet paper fights occurred due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The video shot on the train journey in Sydney by the US journalist Andy Park, shows a controversy as a result of coughing a passenger without closing his mouth.

In the video, after the female passenger coughs, the male passenger sitting opposite warns not to cough without closing his mouth. But minutes later, the woman coughs towards the male passenger this time without closing her mouth again. The angry man said, ‘Are you serious? Did you just cough towards me? ‘ she asks.

The woman, who answered the question as “Yes”, states that she does not have a coronavirus, but the man reminds the government to “close your mouth and nose while coughing” by saying “I have just politely warned you”.

It was stated that in Australia, where 2 people died due to coronavirus, 61 people detected coronavirus. Australians had emptied their market shelves due to anxiety of illness and toilet paper inventory in the country was exhausted. While some toilet paper fights occurred in some markets, the newspaper NT News, known for its humorous aspect, printed eight extra blank pages for use as toilet paper.


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