Coronavirus In India: 1 lakh cases in 2 days; Is coronavirus gaining strength in the world? – One lakh covid-19 cases reported in two days across the world getting stronger in getting coronavirus of sparking fears


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Wuhan and proliferation of the Kovid-19 outbreak

To understand just how serious the coronavirus spread is, it is important to look at its global number. On December 31, 2019, China announced to the World Health Organization that pneumonia had taken place in Wuhan city. Soon thereafter, it was reported to be a virus. But on January 5, China said it was not a coronavirus and that it was not a symptom of SARS. But two days later, on January 7, China announced that it had identified the virus as a novel coronavirus.

The first death was on Jan. 11

The first death toll from coronavirus was reported here on January 11, following the detection of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The second death was reported on January 17. The number of deaths in China has also risen, according to reports. According to the latest estimate, 3287 people died of Kovid in China. There were 81,285 people diagnosed with the disease.

The disease spreads to other countries

Within the first two deaths, the Kovid-19 virus was reported in Thailand and Japan. Later, coronavirus was confirmed in countries including South Korea, the US, France, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Nepal. On January 31, the World Health Organization declared a “state of emergency” following the coronavirus. Other countries were also at risk. China recorded 9,700 deaths and 213 deaths during this time.

The number of infected persons reached 1 lakh on March 7

Despite the rapid spread of the disease, the total number of cases reached 1 lakh, 67 days after the first case was reported. On March 7, 1 lakh people were diagnosed with the disease. But it took only 12 to reach the second lakh. The number of patients reached two lakh on March 19. But the WHO says that the spread of the disease has accelerated since then.

The last one lakh was taken in 2 days

If the number of coroners reached 2 lakh on March 19, it would take just four days to reach the next 100,000. From March 19 to 23, the number of patients reached three lakh. Then it took just two days to reach the next lakh. According to WHO data, on March 25, the number of people infected with the virus has reached four lakhs. At present, the death toll has crossed 22,000.

First reported in India on 30th January

The first Kovid-19 case was reported in India on January 30. By February 3, the number of cases had risen to three. All the three cases were reported in Kerala, which included students from Wuhan. By February 20, the three were discharged. Two cases were reported in India on March 2, followed by Hyderabad and Delhi.

On March 10, the number of sick people rose to 50

Since March 2, the number of Kovid-19 cases in India has also increased. On March 10, the total number of people infected by the disease rose from 50 to five, five days later. The number of cases rose to 223 in March. By March 24, the number had reached 500. The number is 649, according to official figures after the peak. Of these, 593 are currently receiving treatment in hospitals.

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