Coronavirus: Foreign Affairs advises against traveling abroad – Belgium


Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès does not rule out additional measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. She said that in the Chamber on Thursday. The National Security Council will meet again on Thursday evening. “If the situation requires it, action will be taken at national level,” said the prime minister.

Many MPs pointed out to the Prime Minister a lack of clarity about the measures taken in recent days and called for uniform measures, which are the same across the country.

“People don’t understand that one school and nursing home closes and another doesn’t,” said leader Meryame Kitir. “Why didn’t you declare the federal contingency plan?”

“There is a lot of uncertainty, we need federal coordination,” said Koen Metsu (N-VA). “A food festival is not possible in one municipality and in another municipality.”

“There must be unity of message,” said Kristof Calvo (Green). “You must be the chief for us. Unity makes power should be the motto in the coming days. ”

CD&V MP Jan Briers said that organizers of canceled sports and culture events risk bankruptcy because they can only invoke force majeure if meetings are clearly prohibited. “The federal government needs to provide security through coercive measures,” he said.

Prime Minister Wilmès confirmed that the National Security Council will meet on Thursday evening. Based on what the scientific experts say, the National Security Council will take additional measures. “They must be efficient and proportional,” said the Prime Minister.

Wilmès emphasized that Prime Ministers also sit on the National Security Council. “All policy levels must ensure that the measures are applied by everyone,” said the prime minister. She also called on individual citizens to adhere to the guidelines. “Anyone at his level can help spread the virus further.”

“If there is one moment when we have to show our solidarity and togetherness, it is now. Take good care of yourself and take good care of the others, ‘Wilmès concluded.

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