Coronation: France bans public release Emergency in Switzerland


Paris: European countries impose stricter regulations on corona outbreaks. France has strictly forbidden the public from going out. France is passing through similar restrictions already imposed by Italy and Spain, Corona’s epicenter in Europe.

School, caf,, and non-essential shops were closed in France. Foreign travelers from outside France will be barred from entering France on Tuesday, and borders will be closed. France’s President Macron said the troops would help transport patients to hospitals. So far, 148 people have died from the virus in France. Corona confirmed 6633 people.

In Germany, mercantile centers and educational institutions were closed to prevent corona spread. The German government called for the abolition of religious ceremonies and for the exclusion of people from outside the country. In Germany, 17 people have died so far. 7272 people have been diagnosed with the virus and are undergoing treatment.

The state of emergency in Switzerland has been declared in view of the dangerous situation that is spreading the corona. Corona has claimed 19 lives so far in the country. 2353 confirmed the virus. South Korea, Iran and the US have also imposed stricter restrictions on more people coming together to fight Corona.

Currently, 7174 people have died of coronavirus worldwide. The deadliest cause of death is China, with 3226 deaths. In Italy, 2158 people died. 182,726 people in more than 160 countries have been confirmed with the virus.

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