Coronary virus statement from Merkel: It will be transmitted to 60-70 percent of our population


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel made statements about the coronavirus. “60 to 70 percent of people living in Germany will be infected,” Merkel said.

German Chancellor Merkel warned its citizens against the coronavirus at today’s group meeting. Merkel said, “60 to 70 percent of people living in Germany will be infected” said.

Health Minister Jens Spahn also supported Merkel’s statements. Spahn said that 80 percent of those exposed to the Corona Virus can overcome it, while underlining that it could be a serious problem for 65 years and older. Spahn announced that an extra 28 thousand beds were reserved for this.

According to Merkel’s statements, in Germany, with a population of 82 million, there is a chance that 50 to 60 million people will get coronavirus.

2 people died so far

According to Hürriyet, two people have died in Germany so far because of coronavirus.


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