Corona vs. “Common values”: The EU house is crumbling


Symbolic: In the times of the pandemic, handshakes are practically forbidden. No more fun. The European Union is divided into small and large principalities with increasingly strictly guarded borders, Trump no longer allows Europeans to enter his country. Everyone and everyone isolate themselves. Everyone dies for himself, our commentator believes.

The hour of EU skeptics has come. Not only the newcomers like Poland, the Czech Republic or Latvia, who at that time were so eager to join the EU – also the Union veteran Denmark no longer allows foreigners to enter – regardless of whether they are Europeans or not. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis succinctly: “We cannot wait until Brussels gives us advice.”

All hymns of praise for the “common European values” that this “elite group of countries” should supposedly weld together are forgotten. The combination of words “European solidarity” suddenly sounds more or less realistic with the addition of “so-called”.

“Be embraced, millions!” – in the era of the handshake ban, the hymn sounds like a tasteless mockery. Actually, the choir from Beethoven’s Ninth is just as forbidden – regardless of the 250th anniversary of the world classic. It would be logical, after all, all concert halls have already been locked as a precaution.

Is the EU just an abbreviation for selfish union?

Italy. The cheerful member of the European family was promptly expelled as soon as it showed serious health problems. Wasn’t it at least worth considering how the tangible child could be helped tangibly and substantially? If that had happened, the Italians would not have begged for masks and disposable gloves outside the EU.
Speaking of masks: In the run-up to a special meeting of the EU health ministers in Brussels on March 6, Germany came under considerable pressure after Jens Spahn announced German export restrictions for protective clothing. EU crisis commissioner Janez Lenarčič said, according to the DPA news agency, that export restrictions are possible in exceptional cases in the internal market. But it would be “Non-European”to close their own market. Solidarity is required in the EU.
Spahn countered that the distribution had not worked so far: the protective clothing only came where the highest prices were paid. Exports from Germany are not prohibited, but must be approved individually. The German health minister also asked the EU Commission to put an export ban on third countries into effect: “We can cut down national measures if there is a European Union measure.” Whether European or “non-European” – the cash register must be right first .

The balance sheets for the ECB appear to come first, then Corona

Speaking of cash registers: The ECB refuses to serve as a reliable support for the EU in the troubled Corona times. ECB chief Christine Lagarde made this clear after the bank’s council meeting last Thursday. “Der Spiegel”: “In the run-up to the event, it was said that her appearance today could be Lagarde’s ‘whatever it takes’ moment, as her predecessor Mario Draghi had. In summer 2012, just a few months after taking up duty, the Italian announced that he would buy unlimited government bonds on the market if necessary, in order to keep the euro zone together. ” .

The entire EU construct with its costly bureaucratic institutions and “common values” has not passed the coronavirus test – at least there is more and more confirmation of this claim. With the ban on Europeans announced by US President Donald Trump, the famous transatlantic solidarity has also shaken tremendously. All the EU skeptics and other globalization critics are almost invasively brought on the scene. One must slowly wonder why these seem so hesitant at first. One possible explanation: You are all washing your hands (innocently) and do not want to be distracted.

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