Corona has so far claimed the lives of 37,638 people, with the most serious being 29,000 people Corona Worldwide updates | death toll crossess 37000


Washington: Worldwide, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has risen to 37,638. Corona has so far confirmed 7.84 lakh people. Of these, 1.65 lakh people have been cured. Currently, 5.82 lakh people are under treatment. The plight of 29,488 persons is very serious. This has led to concerns that the death rate could rise even higher.

The disease is currently spread to 178 countries.

Italy recorded the highest number of deaths – 11,591. The number of deaths crossed one lakh. In Italy alone, 812 people died yesterday. 913 people have died in Spain alone

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The United States currently has the largest number of infected people. 1.64 lakh. In Spain, the number of people infected is 87,956.

The death toll from the outbreak in China is 3,308. Of the 82,223 people diagnosed with the disease, 75,924 were cured. Most of the cases were reported in China.

Confirmed countries, cases and deaths

US- 1,63807, death-3008
Italy— 1,01,739, death— 11,591
Spain claims 87,956 deaths, 7,716 deaths
France— 45,170, Death— 3,024
China- 82,223, Death- 3308
Iran – 41,495;
Germany— 66,885, death— 645
UK – 22,453, deaths – 1,411

content highlights: Corona Worldwide updates till March 31, death toll crossess 37000

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