Corona Crisis: Masked rampaged in supermarket in London – video


In the night of Friday, a gang of looters raided a shop in south London to steal alcohol. The newspaper “The Daily Mail” reports.

According to this, six hooded men have entered the Sainsbury’s department store in the Elephant and Castle district and have hidden spirits in their clothing to take them outside.

Business employees had prevented the looters from doing so and angered them. When they fled, they would have smashed a shop window. Employees have alarmed the police.

The looters were subsequently arrested. According to police, this is by no means the first such case. There have been four such arrests in the past few days.

Location in London

Many supermarkets have been swept empty in the British capital. The townspeople buy up emergency supplies. The government said there was no shortage of food. There was no need to buy groceries. The tense situation is said to have already provoked several robberies.

Coronavirus cases

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the outbreak of the novel corona virus as a pandemic. To date, 209,839 confirmed cases of infection have been registered in 168 countries. There are 8,778 deaths.

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