Contaminated with the virus itself … Corona virus detectors sold worldwide


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The British authorities announced today, Tuesday, that the medical devices received by the government to examine people infected with the emerging coronavirus are contaminated with the same virus that causes Covid 19.

The British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” that it was discovered that the components of the devices that were ordered from a medical company in Luxembourg are contaminated with the emerging corona virus, which causes the “Coffed 19” disease.

According to the report published by “Sky News”, the Luxembourg-based company, “Euro Vins”, the devices manufacturer, warned laboratories in Britain that some parts of the devices had been contaminated.

And London announced by British Minister of Health Matt Hancock last week that it had requested 3.5 million test devices. From several companies.

Eurovision considered that the problem could be solved through proper cleaning operations, but it would delay the checks.

The report did not indicate whether the British government will keep the shipment of devices contaminated with the virus, or return it to the manufacturer.

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On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the Coronavirus as a “global pandemic”, confirming that infection figures are increasing very quickly, expressing concern that the infection rate may increase dramatically.


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