Confined man sends his dog to buy chips at the store – photos


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A Mexican has sent his chihuahua to shop at a store when he is forced to stay home because of the coronavirus epidemic. He tied the money and a note for the seller on the collar of the dog who came home with crisps.

A young man in Mexico described how he gets his food while under house arrest. Antonio Munoz explained on Facebook that his dog, Chihuahua, went to the store to do the shopping.

In order to buy crisps, the man wrote a note asking to sell Cheetos crisps to the dog, explaining that $ 20 was attached to his collar.

“Please sell orange cheetos, not red, to my dog.” 20 dollars on her necklace. Be careful, if you don’t take care of my dog, he will bite you. From a neighbor across the street, “the man wrote on the paper.

Mission accomplished

Then he ordered his dog to go into the store. The following photos show that his little quadruped came home with a packet of Cheetos in his mouth.

Chihuahuas are considered the smallest dogs in the world. They generally measure between 15 and 23 centimeters and weigh no more than three kilograms.


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