Chinese Foreign Minister: We did not discuss the issue of oil markets during the G20 summit


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Wang Xiaolong, director of the Department of International Economic Relations of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said Thursday that the issue of oil supplies was not discussed during the Internet Top 20 Summit.

In response to a question about whether the issue of oil supply was discussed, Wang Xiaolong said at a press conference: “This was not on the agenda of this extraordinary summit. The leaders focused on the coronary virus pandemic, so the answer is no, this was not a topic. The debate. ”

The joint closing statement of the G20 summit affirmed that the G20 countries promise to take collective measures to support the global economy, and to use all available political tools to reduce the economic and social damage resulting from the emerging Corona virus epidemic.

“We pledge to do everything in our power and use all available political tools to reduce the economic and social damage caused by the epidemic, restore global growth, maintain market stability and enhance resilience,” said the final statement of the virtual summit of the twentieth summit today, Thursday.

The statement added: “We will continue to provide strong and broad financial support, and the collective action of the Group of 20 will enhance its impact, and ensure coherence and mutual assistance. The strength and magnitude of these responses would put the global economy on its feet.”

The presidency of the Group of Twenty moved this year to Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh initiated the launch of the emergency summit via the Internet against the backdrop of the global coronary virus pandemic, Covid-19.


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