Chinese ambassador assures that his country will maintain a relentless fight against COVID-19


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – China, the first to face the blow of the new coronavirus and control its spread, will continue to fight relentlessly against the epidemic that today affects the entire world, Chinese Ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui told Sputnik.

“We were afraid, but we were not intimidated; we faced difficulties, but without standing idly by before fate. We are determined to overcome the epidemic and we will continue fighting it relentlessly, without giving in, as in the beginning,” said the diplomat.

In Zhang’s opinion, the COVID-19 outbreak It has been a test for public health management in China and it is an opportunity to deepen reform in this sector.
“To overcome such a large epidemic, there is no absolutely perfect response system. We must identify, objectively evaluate and eliminate all imperfections and deficiencies,” he said.
At the same time, the ambassador was convinced that China demonstrated to everyone the advantages of its system, “a high capacity for organization and mobilization, the possibilities offered by the use of modern information technologies, the ability to guarantee a stable logistics and strong national cohesion. ”

Although COVID-19 has had inevitable repercussions on China’s economy, the foundations for long-term improvement have not changed, according to the ambassador.

“The impact of the epidemic is short-term and generally controllable,” said Zhang.

The national economy, he said, went from a phase of rapid growth to that of high-quality development, a key factor in fostering innovation and competitiveness.

The sudden epidemic of pneumonia that erupted in winter, the ambassador said, forced China to brake abruptly, but once this test has been passed, the country will organize and resume progress, seeking stability and sustainability.

The ambassador’s reflections are collected in an article whose full version is published on the website


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