Catalonia owes almost 31,000 million euros to the Spanish State


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Catalonia will have to return 30,724 million euros to the central government for the loans it has been providing through the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).

In the period from 2020 to 2023, the Generalitat de Catalunya will face these payments and this year about 7.681 million will enter the Executive, which will come, precisely, from another aid, the Financial Facility Fund. Through this, the Ministry of Finance has already delivered some 5,620 million euros to Catalonia.
According to sources of the Conselleria d’Economia and Hisenda to the newspaper The SpanishThis way, the debt will be paid, since they plan to return the loans that expire with the new ones, which they expect to be higher and exceed 7,681 million euros per year, something they claim from Barcelona. A strategy that, from the Government, ensures that it does not limit the expense of autonomy.
The Autonomous Liquidity Fund is a line of credit which was created in Spain in 2012 to weather the economic crisis of the early decade. A financing system through which the autonomous communities do not have to take their debt to the markets.

Catalonia decided to leave the FLA in early 2019 to move to the Financial Facility Fund. A financing path to which the autonomous communities that in the previous year managed to end the year with a deficit of 0.1% of their Gross Domestic Product can adhere. By 2020, the Ministry of Finance raised the limit to 0.2%, which will allow the Spanish regions to go more relieved according to the forecasts of the central government.


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