Cases … Honor-infected girls were killed in Iraq


Women are not quarantined … Another way in which Iraqi girls may lose their lives motivated by honor this time is because they were infected with the Corona virus, and prevented them from sleeping in quarantine away from their relatives, who consider this bitter unit their breach of honor, and contrary to customs and traditions.

Yesterday, Friday, an Iraqi family in the capital, Baghdad, prevented their daughter from being transferred to the quarantine after it came as a result of laboratory tests, obliging her to become infected with the new Corona virus, which prompted her clan to intervene to prevent medical personnel from quarantining her.

An Iraqi medical source said, to correspond with “Sputnik” in Iraq, that a woman who has proven the results of laboratory tests was infected with the new Corona virus, we could not transfer her to quarantine because her relatives refused that, considering her stone defective, and contrary to their customs and traditions that do not allow women to stay in places far from without Accompanying.

The source, who declined to reveal his name and the name of the hospital, added that the affected clan interfered with the matter and quarreled with medical personnel, to prevent the stone of the woman who took them with them without being aware of the seriousness of this global epidemic that caused the death of thousands.

For his part, the member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Ali Al-Bayati, confirmed in a special statement to our correspondent, that cases of refusal of the families of girls and women infected with Corona virus, transferred them to quarantine, in violation of honor, and defective.

Al-Bayati added, “These cases happen, with problems, and objections by the people to quarantine, and even to the allocation of places of quarantine, for example: The state allocates a specific hospital in an area to quarantine those infected with Coronavirus, and the people refuse this on the pretext of fear, and they organize a demonstration in front of the hospital .

Al-Bayati attributed these problems to the weakening of the state’s prestige, with a lack of awareness, expressing his belief that Iraq has passed the stage of those infected with corona virus, to patients from within the country.


He explained, “In the sense that the epidemic is beginning to transform into my society in Iraq, which is more frightening,” he recounted, “but perhaps the speed of the move is reduced by the lack of many transportation technology in Iraqi cities, like the rest of the state, but the continuous gatherings help to spread.” .

Al-Bayati said that the latest outcome of the number of people infected with Corona virus so far has reached 208, and 17 deaths, while those who have recovered from the virus have reached 52 according to the Ministry of Health and Environment statistic.

People running away

Al-Bayati pointed out that many people with coronavirus escaped before being transferred to quarantine, explaining that 80% of cases are mild, in addition to a lack of awareness about the risk of rapid disease spread, at least the injured person does not know that he should protect others from transmitting the infection And, especially the elderly and the sick, this is evidence that awareness programs are still weak, and not all the capabilities of the media, communication networks, and social media pages have been used, but there is only a traditional way to raise awareness, as well as the lack of trust by citizens in health institutions.

And about information that people living with the HIV virus were subjected to inhuman treatment in quarantine centers, Al Bayati told us:

Yes, we received some complaints or appeals about the poverty of the quarantine areas, or isolation at the level of basic services, the health and the humanitarian aspect, as we have notes about the exaggerated burial mechanism, lack of observance of the World Health Organization protocols and also the use of more than required by the security services in dealing with citizens Or the patient and his relatives.

                    Photo / Iraqi Ground Forces Command

Iraqi special forces launch a major campaign to keep citizens in their homes

“And all this is the reason for lack of confidence among citizens, with Iraqi hospitals. Health depends on four pillars in all countries of the world, and it is firstly health awareness, which is very weak in Iraq because there are no modern programs to develop it, and secondly, an integrated health system that deals with any citizen in a cost The state is the health service in exchange for its guarantee, the state is also missing, the third is the infrastructure, which is poor, the existing is slouching and not qualified, and the fourth is for the health and medical staff, which is few and subjected to many pressures, and is not developed on the basis of scientific development.

Al-Bayati stressed the need for Iraq to benefit from international support currently in three paragraphs, namely the rehabilitation or rapid establishment of stone centers, advanced isolation taking into account the humanitarian, service, health, and medical aspects provided with all the requirements, and intensification of efforts to raise awareness, and to deliver the message to the citizen in Every day, every home through all means of the media, communications, programs, and citizen guidance, whether outside or inside the hospital.

A member of the Iraqi High Commissioner for Human Rights demanded that the concerned authorities impose continuous and intensive sterilization of public places and stop travel from endemic countries completely even to Iraqis after the date set by the problem cell, as the disease is still a guest in Iraq, and has not adapted to an environment Country, but the nature of these viruses is developing itself so it can turn into a more dangerous stage.

Death at home, the fate of many girls and Iraqi women infected with the new Coronavirus, after their relatives refused to transfer them to quarantine centers for treatment under the pretext of deformation, they consider a white paper and any impurity in it is considered to violate the honor and reputation within the region, neighborhood, and clan .

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging corona virus, a global pandemic, while the number of people infected with the virus exceeded all expectations.


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