Brazilian Electoral Court defends system after Bolsonaro sayings of fraud in 2018


RIO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – The Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Brazil defends the reliability of the voting system before said President Jair Bolsonaro that there was fraud in the 2018 elections, since he understands that he should have won in the first back and not on the ballot.

The TSE, which is responsible for organizing and supervising the proper functioning of the elections, said in a statement that “it reaffirms the absolute reliability and security of the electronic voting system and, above all, the fact that it can be audited.”

In this regard, it highlights that it allows for possible complaints and suspicions to be ascertained, and that fraud has never been detected over more than 20 years of use.

“The elections without fraud were a conquest of democracy in Brazil and the TSE will ensure that it continues to be so,” said the court.

On March 9, Bolsonaro said at an event in Miami (USA, southeast) that he has “proof” that he was elected on the first round and that in his opinion there was “fraud”.

Bolsonaro also challenged “finding a Brazilian who trusts the Brazilian electoral system”, drawing on an argument he has used on previous occasions.

In the 2018 election campaign he repeatedly insisted that the electronic ballot system, which has been used in Brazil since the 1990s, it was not safe, and asked that the system be changed to the printed vote, which at the time earned him strong criticism.

The current president of Brazil also said that he would not accept a result that did not give him as the winner of the elections.

The ultra-right leader won the 2018 elections in the ballot against the candidate of the Workers Party, Fernando Haddad, by a wide margin: 57.8 million votes against the 47 million of the candidate on the left.


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