Boskamp sees no point in the summer European Championship and comes up with a solution: ‘Nice in shorts’


The corona virus has shut down almost all competitions in Europe. Whether and when the matches can be caught up is the big question. Jan Boskamp sees a possible solution in moving the Euro 2020.

“I think they should just finish the competitions and throw out the European Championship this year,” says the Feyenoord icon and current analyst The Importance of Limburg. “This way all competitions in the world can still be finished,” he says.
Boskamp is in favor of postponing this summer’s European Championship. “A tournament across different countries is not recommended now. The European Championship will start in three months. It is hoped that the corona crisis will then be over, but the simplest solution is to organize it a year later,” it sounds. Incidentally, The Telegraph reported on Saturday that UEFA is considering playing the European Championship in December.
“The qualification of the World Cup can now easily be continued”, Boskamp continues. “If the competition can be resumed from April, then we will play football through the season until the summer. Nice to go to the stadium in shorts. That also has something,” he concludes. It remains to be seen whether it will come to that. The Independent knows that the football world fears a ‘total shutdown’ until September.

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