BFS in response to the reported flu epidemic across the country


The Bulgarian Football Union has issued an official statement following the flu epidemic across the country. As it became clear, the order for it was signed earlier today by the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiyev and is valid until March 11 inclusive.

“In connection with the Minister of Health announced by order No. РД-01-114 / 05.03.2020 the flu epidemic on the territory of the whole country from March 6 to 11 inclusive, the leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union decided to suspend the holding of the championships in children’s and amateur football for that period.

The First and Second Professional League duels will continue to be conducted according to the already announced program of the respective championships, with the BFU urging supporters to take all measures to protect their health when attending football matches, “reads the opinion of our football headquarters.

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Flu epidemic announced across Bulgaria!

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