Between tragedy and publicity stunt: a blogger in the media after the death of her husband


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The evening of a Russian Instagram star in an aquatic center turned to drama. Three people died after diving into a swimming pool with dry ice. Several personalities have criticized the young woman, some accusing her of advertising herself.

A Russian pharmaceutical blogger with more than a million subscribers sparked controversy after sharing her reaction to the death of her husband on Instagram.
The drama occurred on Friday, February 28, during its birthday party. The young woman’s husband and two other people died while diving into a swimming pool into which some 30 kilograms of dry ice had been thrown.

“Valya [prénom de son mari, diminutif de Valentin, ndlr] is no longer with us, “she told her subscribers, before adding that she did not know how to tell the news to her children.

The day after the tragedy, the young woman decided to tell her shock about her Instagram account before coming, one day later, to speak on Russian public television.

Under fire from critics

The blogger’s publications were echoed and many Internet users, including public figures, accused her of wanting to “advertise themselves”.

Many believed that she, with the support of her friends, raised the subject of this tragedy with the aim of “not losing its subscribers”. In addition, some accuse him of not being aware of the danger posed by such a quantity of dry ice when he is a pharmacist.

The evening that went wrong

Three guests died and four were injured during the young woman’s birthday celebration at a Moscow aquatic center on Friday, February 28. The situation turned into drama when some 30 kilograms of dry ice had been thrown into the pool to cause a smoke effect over the water and thus add an element of decoration, according to Russian media.

When dry ice has entered the water in large quantities, carbon dioxide has formed. Several guests jumped into the pool and three died of chemical burns.


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