Because of Corona: Day laborers in India have to walk home – photos


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The Corona exit restrictions imposed in India have resulted in many migrant workers now having to return home to their villages on foot. Images that appear on the Internet show empty highways along which people are walking.

On Tuesday evening, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed the 1.3 billion people for three weeks stay at home to contain the pandemic.

Because of this, day laborers not only lost their income but were also suddenly stranded as it came from the big cities no public transport more towards their villages.

Without an income, however, it is too expensive for many in the cities. A Uttar Pradesh police officer said about a group:

“They hadn’t eaten for three or four days. They felt bad. Some didn’t even have shoes. “

Rescue package

To protect migrant workers and other poor people from starvation in the Corona crisis, the government pledged a € 21 billion bailout package on Thursday. India classifies a good 60 percent of its population – around 800 million people – as poor. In the capital, New Delhi, some migrant workers are also allowed to spend the night in homeless shelters.

Corona virus in India

According to the Ministry of Health, 645 confirmed coronavirus cases have been confirmed in India. 13 people died of it. The number is quite small compared to the total population. However, it was also tested comparatively little.

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