Banks must transfer all credit applications to the government


The banking sector will have to transfer all credit applications it receives from companies and the self-employed to the central bank. The government wants to check whether the sector is fulfilling its commitment to save healthy companies. Banks should also not distribute dividends.

Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) takes over the measures at the suggestion of parties that until recently belonged to the “opposition”. John Crombez (Sp.a), in particular, urged that measure to engage the credit center. De Croo follows the question and will include it in the kb on the bank guarantee, which will be discussed again next week.

In this way, the government wants to make the banking plan, which some say is a paper tiger, a little more compelling. De Croo does say that the banks themselves continue to make their own credit analysis. The sector’s commitment is that “those who were financially healthy before the crisis will be helped with a bridging loan of up to 12 months”.

The credit center will draw up a monthly report on the progress of lending. If it shows that lending is stalling, measures would be taken. The scheme to keep lending going is also being extended to the non-profit sector.

De Croo also picks up on the suggestion to ask the banks not to pay a dividend. By reserving the dividend, they strengthen their capital buffers. Incidentally, the government has a bank with Belfius, of which it must take the dividend decision.

The European Commission is expected to issue its opinion on the Belgian bank guarantee plan next week.

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