Azerbaijan: “OPEC +” agreement is a guarantee of stability of world oil prices


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A spokeswoman for the Azerbaijani Energy Ministry, Chancellor Zamina Aliyeva, announced today, Thursday, that the “OPEC +” agreement played an important role in stabilizing oil prices in global markets.

“The agreement played an important role in stabilizing international oil prices,” Zamina Aliyeva told Russian “Sputnik”. As for disputes between oil-exporting countries, this market will be deprived of stability, and for this reason cooperation must continue between the parties for the benefit of all.

“Our position is to have solidarity and consensus among all parties in order for the market to continue as before, so this is the basis for now,” said Zamina.

And oil futures prices fell more than 30 percent, on Monday, after Saudi Arabia lowered the official price for selling crude oil, after the failure of “OPEC +” talks with Russia in reaching an agreement on reducing production.


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