Audi has shown the new A3


The premium hatch that completes the compact quartet of the VW Group has become larger, more comfortable and, of course, more environmentally friendly. Despite slight hints of “hot” modifications, Audi has begun declassifying the five-door A3 from the so-called. civilian versions. It is noteworthy that with the change of generations A3 increases slightly in size: the wheelbase remained almost unchanged at 2.64 meters, but added 3 cm to the length, which is already 4.34 m. The declared volume of the trunk is from 380 to 1200 liters.

The company also highlights several other innovations, such as improved body sound insulation – including by optimizing aerodynamics, which increases acoustic comfort. However, the innovation has retained the previous suspension scheme. The less powerful versions are equipped with McPherson front and torsion beam rear, but the more dynamic ones have multi-link rear suspension.

In addition, two suspension options with adaptive dampers will be offered for the A3, and it is promised that the differences between comfortable and sporty modes will be significantly more noticeable. The first version of the chassis will reduce clearance by 10 mm, and the second – by 15 mm (it will also be supplied with the S line package). The base model is equipped with 16-inch wheels, but at customer’s request they can be enlarged up to 19 inches.

The interior of the Audi A3 is pretty “digitalized: the physical buttons of the air conditioning system are preserved, but the on-screen multimedia system has grown to 10.25 inches and the virtual cockpit has two 12.3-inch screens and projection. Curiously, the multimedia control is The Audi A3 also comes with a handwriting recognition system, and the new multimedia is said to have become ten times more powerful than its predecessor.

It has many new online services and the ability to communicate with the road infrastructure, voice commands can now be formulated more freely and in the near future A3 will receive wireless implementation of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The list of driver assistants has also been expanded. A Level 2 autopilot is available to control the car on the highway at speeds up to 210 km / h.

As for the engine range, the original A3 units will be a 150hp gasoline turbo engine and 116hp diesel engine (later a three-cylinder 110hp unit will play the role to the base). A two-liter diesel engine will also be available in the 150-horsepower version, while gasoline has a so-called moderately hybrid version with a 48-volt starter. It can add up to 12 hp and 50 Nm, but its main task is to provide, for example, the ability to move up to 40 seconds with the engine off.

The A3 is planned to be available with both a mechanical gearbox and a robot, but for moderate hybrids only DSG will be used. In the future, all-wheel drive, two hybrids with 218 and 245 hp, as well as an Audi S3 with a two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 310 horsepower, will be released on the market.

Not far away is the advent of the full-bodied RS 3 hot hatch, which will come with a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine with a power output of about 400 hp. European dealers are now ready to accept orders and shipments will begin in May. The first dynamic tests of the model are scheduled for the end of March this year, and a team of will attend them, from where we will give you direct witnesses of the first real impressions of the new Audi A3.

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