‘As a Rotterdammer, it would be great to work in a mentor role at Feyenoord’


Hans de Koning is perhaps one of the most modest trainers in the football world. The current trainer of VVV-Venlo takes it for granted that he may therefore not be able to work at certain Eredivisie clubs.

In conversation with it Algemeen Dagblad De Koning is asked whether his modesty is the main reason that he was mainly active in the Jupiler League and later Kitchen Champion Division. “Do I have to present myself in a different way than I am? I’m not going to shout how great I am.” Don’t you ever want to be Feyenoord’s head coach? “I am sometimes asked. John, I think, they are not going to get me. I see that more as realism. ”
De Koning indicates that he will for example never be seen in the stands at a club where a fellow trainer is sitting in the kick chair. “Well, if that means I can’t get to work at a certain Eredivisie club, that’s just the way it is. I’d rather be a good person than the biggest trainer. I’m sure there will be better trainers than me. But I’ll keep it 24 years full. Then you do something good. ”
The only thing De Koning is currently working on is to keep VVV in the Eredivisie. The trainer does not know what will happen next. “Maybe the club wants to go on with me. Maybe they say:” Hans, half a year was enough. ” Just as good friends, “says De Koning, who secretly still has a dream. “Of course as a Rotterdammer I would love to work in a mentor role at Feyenoord. But also in the first division, where I have always had a good time, I would get back to work. I feel nowhere too big for that. ”

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