Arya loses confidence in Remit Kumar


Veena was really an integral part of Bigg Boss Season 2. Despite the disagreements, the audience is full of heartfelt contention.

Until fifty days, Bigg Boss was the number one Arya in the house and Regent Kumar was the number one in the audience. Things have started to change since the Bigg Boss Sisters arrived at the house in the 50th. On the 64th day of her fall, Regent Kumar is the first in the house and in the audience.

As we recall, when Parikutty left the house, the last thing he said was, “I have one thing to say. When Veena stepped down yesterday, she said, “Regatta, don’t isolate Arya, join them in your group.” This is the change to the game. This is the first time anyone who steps out of the team is concerned about the Arya team. Requesting one thing for Regith Kumar. Arya, the lonely Rezith Kumar group leader and group boss, has just become a contender.

The group equations have changed as they fall. Arya’s group has become weak and insecure. Regith Kumar has become Confident and Powerful. Regit Kumar, who played Victim Play, has moved on to Power Play and Arya Victim Play, who played Power Play.

When Veena was out, most of the audience said two things in one voice. First, she was eliminated from playing in the final five. Second, when you start singing in the morning, there is no one who can bathe and sit in the kitchen with a shower.

Veena was really an integral part of Bigg Boss Season 2. Despite the disagreements, the audience is full of heartfelt contention. Let’s take a look at the changes that Bigg Boss makes when he goes down.

1. This week is the first week that Rezit Kumar, who is also the captain of the team, will actually become the captain of the house
2. Arya, who played in Veena’s favor, becomes the weakest and most confident woman
3. My father’s portrait of Rejit Kumar as he fell down the stairs is a phrase that has great impact. The phrase will lie on the inside of Rejith Kumar and the audience
4. Abhirami-Amrita sisters, along with Raghu, are likely to form a parallel group, group within the group.
5. Rejith Kumar has not been on the eviction list for two consecutive weeks and the game is changing at home and away. The game, camera, and audience will be increasingly reaching out to the Bigg Boss sisters.
6. Arya and Shaji will be irrelevant in the fall kitchen. Arya’s strong face is less likely to appear on camera.
7. Elena and Fukrou as group within the group, Bigg Boss sisters Raghu, Passion Shaji and Arya
8. Big Boss sisters will have to sing a lot to help Veena fall short.
9. The audience is excited about who will go to jail this week.

There are so many different levels to come in the Bigg Boss. The rest of the Bigg Boss will be left alone and playing for the audience. Until fifty days ago, who would be the winner? But now it is no more. Regeet Kumar, Bigg Boss Sisters and Fukru have become the winner of the game.

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