Are schools opening again soon? Tuesday more clarity about measures coronavirus


On Tuesday 31 March, the cabinet will examine how corona measures will be continued. That said Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Wednesday evening after the cabinet’s crisis meeting had ended.

The government previously took various measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The current guidelines are valid until April 6.

For example, there is a ban on group formation (more than three people in public space). People also have to keep 1.5 meters away. In case of a violation, agents or boas can issue a fine. Schools, cafes and restaurants are close as are hairdressers and beauticians.

Major events are prohibited until June 1, requiring a permit. That date remains in effect.

“But for all measures that apply until April 6, we will see next Tuesday whether an extension is necessary,” says Rutte. According to the prime minister, that depends on how the coronavirus spreads across the Netherlands and how people adhere to the rules.

Hospital beds ICs
Minister Hugo de Jonge discussed the capacity in hospitals, where a shortage of IC beds is imminent. “It is exciting. Whether we can make it depends on whether the restrictive measures are effective and whether we are able to further expand the IC capacity. ”

RIVM said on Wednesday that the spread of the coronavirus seems to be weakening slightly in the Netherlands. Rutte indicated that this is not yet a reason for celebration. “We are planning on ‘bad weather’. We should not think based on the first blades of grass that we are here.”

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