Another crisis meeting in The Hague about coronavirus, possibly new measures


There will be another crisis meeting in The Hague on Thursday afternoon due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The cabinet meets at one o’clock to discuss the situation and additional measures. A press conference is planned after the crisis meeting. Omroep Brabant broadcasts this live on app, site and television. The press conference is around 3 pm.

On Monday there was also a crisis meeting in The Hague. Mayor Jack Mikkers van Den Bosch was present on behalf of the three Brabant security regions. In that consultation it was decided to further increase the measures in Brabant. For example, everyone was requested to work from home until Monday at least. A day later it was announced that major events in Brabant will be banned for the time being.

It is expected that additional measures will be announced on Thursday to combat the spread of the coronavirus within the Netherlands.

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