“Ajax does not have to sell, but PSV and AZ maybe.” Football


In China, people were already infected with the coronavirus when Albers completed the final details of trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s contract with Guangzhou R&F in early January. “There seemed to be little going on. After that I went to watch my daughter, who played hockey against China with the Orange. But suddenly all foreigners had to leave the country, then you know what time it is. I immediately thought: if that virus comes here, a lot is in store for us. ”

Albers footballers and trainers are active all over the world. They each experience the corona crisis in their own way. Frank de Boer has not been training with Atlanta United for ten days and is in quarantine at home. Striker Bjørn Johnsen has just resumed training in South Korea. And until recently, Donny van de Beek seemed to be busy with his last months at Ajax. He trains alone every day in Nijkerkerveen. What will his summer look like?

If the Premier League cannot be completed, it will cost the English clubs more than 1 billion euros. In the Spanish La Liga, teams risk losing 900 million euros. Is there still money for large transfers? “I think the big clubs will pay if they want a player,” predicts Albers. “But the transfer period will be different. Smaller clubs have sponsors who are also struggling now. ”

“Perhaps we will now receive transfer amounts that are more market conform after this situation with corona,” speculates Albers. “Look at AZ. Viergever and Gudelj were players of 4 or 6 million. But after Vincent Janssen left for the Spurs for 22 million euros, the market value of the AZ players also went to another level. And at Ajax, a lot of money has been paid for De Ligt, De Jong and now Ziyech. But if the top clubs have confidence in great talents, they will continue to pay well. Only the question is how much. Ajax does not have to sell if the desired amount is not on the table, but clubs such as PSV and AZ may now be. And what are the consequences for Feyenoord? There, the players have finally become worth more in recent months. How is that now? ”

“It is important that the ball starts rolling again,” says Albers. “But it will be different. Everywhere. I just walked in Amsterdam. The tour boats are anchored there and the shops and restaurants are closed. Who would have thought that

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