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The AEX index closed 1.2% lower at 484.70 points. That was a disappointment for investors. The stock market gauge measured 513 points just before noon, but that recovery did not last. On Monday the index lost no less than 7.7%. That was the biggest fall for the AEX on a day since 2008. The AMX fell 1.3% on Tuesday to 730.29 points. The price signs in Paris (-1.5%) and Frankfurt (-1.4%) also turned red, while London headed 0.2% in green.

Capital strategist Simon Wiersma (ING) will continue to take volatile stock markets into account in the coming period. “Investors remain nervous as long as the corona virus is around in Europe and there are reports of an increasing number of infections,” he warns. “The stock markets only become calm again when there is a feeling that the worst of the corona virus is over,” emphasizes Ralph Wessels, head of investment strategy at ABN Amro.

The American stock markets price 0.6% to 1.3% higher at the end of the afternoon. The stock exchanges in New York still lost 7.3% to 7.8% on Monday. President Trump announced Monday evening because of the corona virus with a package of “far-reaching” measures to support the US economy. He promised to provide further announcements in the course of today.

Investors have also placed their hopes on ECB President Christine Lagarde. The central banker is expected to come out Thursday with an interest rate cut and an expansion of the bond buying program. “The ECB is going to do something, even if it is only symbolic,” says ING strategist Wiersma.

The oil price rose by 7% today to $ 36.73, although Russia announced that, following Saudi Arabia, the oil tap would be wide open. At the end of last week, Russia refused to participate in the production cut proposed by OPEC, after which oil prices fell by a quarter on Monday to below $ 35 a barrel.

Was in the AEX Royal Dutch Shell the largest riser with a plus of 3.5%. On Monday, in response to the fall in oil prices, the oil and gas company fell unprecedentedly with a fall of 17.5%. Investors doubted whether Shell could continue to pay the dividend. Real Estate Fund Unibail Tuesday was 0.9%.

Ahold Delhaize (-5.9%) was the largest drop in the main funds. Amazon today opened its Dutch webshop, a major competitor for Ahold Delhaize subsidiary

Beer brewer Heineken 3.6% was written down. Unilever fell 2.6%. Former CEO Paul Polman raised nearly € 5 million last year at the food and detergent group.

There was a metal manufacturer in the AMX AMG (+ 4.9%) at the top. PostNL was worth 3.7% more.

Basic-Fit increased 1.5%. The chain of gyms published strong quarterly figures.

Was with the medium-sized funds Fugro (-8.3%) the biggest loser. The soil researcher already plummeted 26% on Monday due to the unrest in the oil sector.

Air France KLM flew 1.9% lower. Aviation subsidiary KLM announced in its publication of the slightly lower transport figures for February that the impact of the corona virus will be greater this month.

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