Advocate shouts ‘Don’t get into court’ Nirbhaya | Delhi Rape


Attack on lawyer appearing for accused in New Delhi Nirbhaya case The incident took place outside the Supreme Court. After rejecting the final plea of ​​the case, the accused, who had come out of the court, tried to beat the lawyer AP Singh.

They were taken by other lawyers who were on the scene. AP The lawyer alleged that Singh was trying to help the accused. He is trying to help those who commit violence against women. The lawyer tried to attack them by shouting that they should not be allowed to go to court.

After dramatic hours, the Nirbhaya case was dismissed by the Supreme Court. The court observed that cases in international court and family court were not relevant.

The four accused in the Nirbhaya case were hanged at Tihar Jail at 5.30 am today. Mukesh Kumar Singh (32), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26) and Akshay Kumar Singh (31) were sentenced to death. The executioners were executed by executioner Pawan Jallad. At six o’clock the bodies were removed from the gallows. He was sentenced to seven years and three months after the crime. Nirbhaya’s mother responded that justice had been obtained.

English Summary: AP Singh, defense lawyer in Nirbhaya case

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