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The government says strict action will be taken against a young IAS officer who sank in Uttar Pradesh in violation of the quarantine. Kollam Sub Collector Anupam Mishra, who was under surveillance at the official residence, was evacuated. The minister in charge of the district, J. Mercykuttiamma, told Manorama News that this is a grave error and strict action will be taken.

Anupam Mishra, a 2016 batch official, hails from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He returned to Kollam on the 18th of this month after visiting multiple countries for his honeymoon. At the direction of the District Collector, from the nineteenth to the next, he was in the Quarantine at his official residence. When the officials arrived yesterday to inquire about the health condition, there was no sub-collector. The security officer does not even know where Anupam Mishra went. The District Collector then contacted the Sub Collector. When I phoned, I called Bangalore. But the tower location was Kanpur.

The serious fallout from the young ISI official has informed the gathering, including the Chief Secretary of the Collector. Anupam Mishra, who served as an assistant collector at Trivandrum and as a sub-Collector of Perinthalmanna, has also been accused in the past. One of them tried to get a gun license at the Thycaud Guest House address.

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