1,700 companies have filed for temporary unemployment system in the fight against coronavirus: “More flexible scheme”


“Because the dividing line between force majeure and economic reasons cannot always be drawn flawlessly, it has now been decided to apply these 2 systems more flexibly,” said Minister of Work, Economy and Consumers Nathalie Muylle (CD&V) in “De markt”.

The procedure for applying for temporary unemployment for economic reasons is somewhat more cumbersome and takes longer than that due to force majeure. After all, when applying for an economic reason, you must be able to prove that there is a drop in the working volume, for example due to a lack of supply of material. “Employers no longer have to make that distinction,” says Muylle. “They can now also switch more flexibly from one system to another. It is important that if you submit an application to the NEO, the number of days to be included in a system will be limited. From now on, all those temporarily unemployed will have 70 percent of their gross wages, capped at 2,700 euros. ”

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