Zelinsky: We have “important” evidence to demonstrate that Iran is trying to hide the cause of the Ukrainian plane’s crash


Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zielinsky, said that his country possesses evidence he described as “important”, proving that Iran was seeking to conceal the cause of the crashed Ukrainian plane.

Zelinsky said in comments to Ukrainian TV, carried by newspaper Los Angeles Times: “We currently have important evidence, that the Iranian side knew from the start the causes of this disaster that befell the Ukrainian passenger plane.”

“(Iran) was seeking to hide the truth, and these important records from Iranian air traffic controllers prove conclusively that Iran knows the cause of the disaster since its crash,” he added.

“This recording is a dialogue between the control and air control room in Tehran and an Iranian plane that was landing at that time. At 6:12 am our plane took off, and at 6:30 am an Iranian plane was supposed to land.”

“Her crew saw all this, and the crew began talking to the observer. Everything there says (it seems to me that a missile is flying) and the conversation took place in both Persian and English – and everything is fixed there.”

“We always travel to help decrypt the black boxes, but we also seek to move them here so we can examine them ourselves, this is very important for us,” the Ukrainian president said.

A set of exchanges between the Iranian air traffic controller and an Iranian pilot in a plane that was flying near the stricken Ukrainian plane, which appears for the first time, showed that the authorities were aware from the first sight that the plane was shot down with a wrong missile.

The text of the recordings appeared, a Persian-language conversation between the air traffic controller and an Iranian pilot flying a Fokker 100 plane for the Iranian airline Asman on its way from the city of Shiraz in southern Iran to Tehran.

“I see a series of lights, it’s like … Yes, it’s a missile, is there something wrong?” The pilot says in the recording to the Watchtower.

Then he asks the watchtower again, “No, nothing hit me? How many miles away? Where do I go?”

Then the pilot repeats in another message that he saw the light near the city of Payam, the place from which the “Guard Tour M-1” missile that hit the Ukrainian plane was fired.

In its second message, the pilot said: “It is a missile light, haven’t you seen anything yet?”

He added, “Dear engineer who is in the tower, it was an explosion. I saw a very big light here, I really don’t know what this was.”

The Los Angeles Times said that radar tracking information on the flights showed that the Aseman Airlines flight 3768 was at that time close to Tehran enough to see the missile and the explosion.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Iran has accused Ukraine of violating the rules of the investigation by publishing an audio file of an Iranian pilot and suggested the impact of this on Tehran’s cooperation on the Ukrainian plane accident.

“The Ukrainian technical investigation team performed an amazing procedure, by publishing a secret audio file of a conversation between a pilot of an Iranian airline (Asman) and the control tower in conjunction with the takeoff of the stricken Ukrainian plane,” the authority‚Äôs website quoted the director of the accident department, Hassan Rezaei Fer, as saying.

He explained that this audio file “is linked to a test conversation for a local airline that was flying one of its planes in parallel with the Ukrainian flight.”

Rezaei Fer continued, “The publication of this secret file, the Ukrainian technical team, violated the international law for the investigation of aviation accidents, and may affect Iran’s ongoing cooperation with Ukraine on this issue.”

In a related context, Iranian Prosecutor, Hajjah Islam Muhammad Jaafar Montazeri, announced that the file of the Ukrainian plane crash is now under study and investigation.

And the agency “IRNA” reported last Friday morning, according to Montazeri, that the issue of the Ukrainian plane crash and how to decide it is now under investigation and study, and a judicial file was opened in this regard, but given the complexities of the case, the experts should present their comprehensive vision.

Montazeri added that the case is under investigation in the Military Judicial Organization of the Iranian Armed Forces, and citizens will be informed of the details when the investigations are completed.

Iranian Public Prosecutor, Hajjah Islam Muhammad Jaafar Montazeri said: The necessary orders were issued to investigate the incident quickly and accurately and to carry out comprehensive investigations to uncover all factors leading to the accident and its circumstances.

It is noteworthy that a Boeing 737 passenger plane belonging to the Ukrainian International Airlines was bombed, on the dawn of January 8, by an Iranian missile by mistake, after it took off minutes from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, and was heading to Kiev, As a result, 176 people of different nationalities were killed.

On January 11, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, acknowledged the guards ’responsibility for the accidental crash of the plane, confirming that the incident occurred in an atmosphere of preparedness for an unprecedented war with the United States.


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