Zelinsky: Kiev is ready for peace in Donbass but according to its “special conditions”


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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky announced today, Saturday, that Kiev is ready to hold peace in Donbass, but “on its own terms.”

Kiev – Sputnik. “We have a very strong army and it is one of the strongest armies in Europe with 200,000 soldiers. We are ready for everything. But we want peace on our terms,” ​​Zielinski said at the Munich Security Conference.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski will take part in the Munich International Security Conference for the first time, according to President of the Conference Wolfgang Ischinger.

“We are pleased to welcome President Zielinski this year,” the German official said in press statements today, February 10, adding that Ukraine is an “important item in European policy.”

It is worth noting that the conference will be held from February 14 to 16.


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