Zamalek retracts its position and decides to run the Super African match in Qatar


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The board of directors of Zamalek, headed by Mortada Mansour, decided to compete in the African Super match against Esperance in the State of Qatar.

And move Location “Tournaments”, from a source inside Zamalek, as saying that the White Castle Board of Directors agreed to run in the African Super after presenting the file to some of the competent authorities in the country, which in turn was given the green light by agreeing to participate in the meeting.

Mortada Mansour is expected to officially announce Zamalek’s final position at his press conference tomorrow, Monday.

It is noteworthy that the match between Zamalek and Esperance will take place in Qatar on February 14th, according to the date set by the Confederation of African Football.

Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour has announced his refusal to play the match due to her stay in Qatar and his indication of a danger to his players.

It is noteworthy that the Qatar Football Association announced on Friday the launch of tickets for the African Super Football match between the Egyptian teams Zamalek and Tunisia’s Esperance.


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