Yurush! I sell my 16 percent stake in Euro …


“Interest percentages! Who wants to partner with Skulls and Kokalis? I sell 16% in Eurofootball for 1 euro!”

This was announced by the gambling boss Tsvetomir Naydenov, who was famous in his war with Vasil Bozhkov recently. He sells his stake in the only licensed land bookmaker in Bulgaria – Eurofootball for 1 euro. The Nayden family owns 16% of the company, but “Who wants to partner with Skull and Kokalis?” asks Tsvetomir.

The businessman, known as Little Tseka, even organizes a jokey auction on his Facebook page. Currently, bidding for a stake in a huge company has reached as much as 18 euros, so we advise readers to hurry up if they want to catch a spree.

The founders – father Stefan and sons Tsvetomir and Boyan, are the third largest shareholders in the bookmaker’s house. 51% are held by Greek billionaire Socrates Kokalis, 30 are from companies close to Vasil Bozhkov. Arrested associates of the detained in the UAE boss Alexander Tamparov and Boris Bekiarov hold small portions of one or two percent.

Although it has suffered in the past few years from the advent of online bookmakers, Eurofootball: remains in the Top 20 of the largest taxpayers in the nation, and a total of over 4,000 people work under the franchise. So Little Tseka’s offer seems very advantageous.

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