Workers’ Iqama in Kuwait can be renewed online


KUWAIT CITY: Private sector workers in Kuwait can renew their eqama online. The service will be effective from March 1st. The Ministry of Home Affairs is offering the online service to renew Iqama as the second phase of the process of making Iqama services completely online.

The Iqama renewal system was introduced online as part of a reduction in congestion in the Ministry of Home Affairs. In the first phase, the Iqama of domestic workers took steps to renew online. This is followed by the second phase of online services.

Maj. Gen. Talal al-Ma’rafi, Assistant Under Secretary of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Ministry, said that the third phase will be available to those with family visas. Companies registered with the Ministry’s eService will be given a unique user name and password. Once logged in, you can fill in the application form online and complete the process without going to the Residence Office from March 1.

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