Work on the railway: ‘Do not travel via Leiden Centraal’


An NS spokeswoman recommends this. The hindrance is caused by work on the yard, or the points around the station.

No trains this weekend

This weekend there are no trains running at all via the station, one of the busiest in the Netherlands. The train traffic between Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn will expire completely until Friday.

On Monday no trains run from The Hague Central via Leiden to Haarlem and next weekend there will be no train traffic between Leiden and Haarlem.

Replacement bus transport

If there are no trains, there is replacement bus transport, partly via a transferium on the A44. Shuttle buses run between that transfer point and the Leiden station. The replacement transport to Alphen leaves directly from Leiden Central.

On normal weekdays, there are 80,000 people who get on or off in Leiden. “If you have to transport all of them by bus, then 1,600 buses are full. And the roads around Leiden are already the busiest in the Netherlands, so trains must continue to run,” says the spokeswoman.


The Dutch Railways intends not to make the nuisance as great as last year, when for three weeks only half of the tracks were used at the Leiden station. “That did not go well at the time, Roger van Boxtel even apologized for that. It was then also the sum of a number of other disruptions. ProRail now has extra disruptions teams on hand.”

A different planning of the works, for example two weeks later during the spring break of the schools, was not possible. “We will work at The Hague and you cannot work alone during the holidays. We have looked at whether it was only possible during the weekends, but that is even more annoying than this.”


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