Woman finds her bitch, long believed lost, thanks to a picture on a beer can



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Three years ago, a family in Iowa lost their beloved bitch “Hazel”. Now she is said to be reunited with her previous owners after her photo was placed on a beer can in Florida, CNN said.

A local Florida brewery organized one Campaign to support homeless animals from animal shelters. As part of the campaign, photos of dogs named Candy, Morton, King and Day Day (Hazel’s new nickname) were displayed on beer cans. Part of the sales proceeds were donated to volunteers. The cans are said to have provided information on how to help and pick up the animals.

Monica Mathis, now living in Minnesota, saw the action on social media and immediately contacted the shelter. After presenting veterinary records and photos of the bitch’s home, she was able to reclaim her lost bitch.

Now they’re looking for the best way to reunite Hazel with her family 1,700 miles away.

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