With the exception of Tehran … Dubai Airport suspends flights to and from Iran



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Dubai Airport has announced the suspension of all flights between it and Iran until further notice.

Dubai airport excluded Tehran from suspending flights, and confirmed in an official statement it quoted newspaper The Emirati statement: “All passengers arriving on direct flights from Tehran will be subjected to a thermal examination at the airport by the Dubai Health Authority and the airport medical center team.”

The airport invited customers to contact airlines for details of their flights.

Iran announced today, Tuesday, that the number of deaths from the new “Corona” virus has risen to 14 after two new cases were registered.

Today, Tuesday, the IRNA news agency said that people who were infected with the Corona virus in the northern city of Sawa died.

The World Health Organization announced that today, Tuesday, it will send two teams to Iran and Italy to discuss the spread of the emerging virus.

And the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has issued directives to activate the programs of the national cell to control the Corona virus, which has caused the death and infection of at least 75 people so far.

Neighboring countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kuwait, and Iraq have closed their borders with Iran, a measure which Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi described as a temporary preventive measure.

The number of people infected with Corona virus globally reached 78,866 people, of whom 2,592 people died, while 25,128 people have recovered so far, according to the World Health Organization.


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