Why Russia is keen to strengthen its army


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The Russian armed forces are an important factor in maintaining international security. This was announced by Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States of America.

The Russian ambassador assured the participants in a ceremony held by the Russian embassy in Washington on the occasion of the Motherland Day, a national holiday in Russia that falls on February 23, that Russia is among the priorities of the development of the armed forces.

Russia is not developing its armed forces in order to achieve military hegemony, but rather is doing so out of concern to possess the power to defend the nation’s feet. And he said Russian Ambassador:

Our goal is to have sufficient defensive ability to deter any potential enemy from aggression.

Russia is also strengthening its armed forces in order to enable them to contribute to efforts to maintain international security. The ambassador said that the Russian armed forces are an important factor in maintaining and strengthening international security.


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