WHO: Corona outbreak “very serious threat” to the rest of the world


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The head of the World Health Organization, today, Tuesday, that the outbreak of the Corona virus is a “very serious threat to the rest of the world”, in an appeal to exchange virus samples and accelerate the pace of research for drugs and vaccines.

Reuters quoted the Director-General of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebresos, at the start of a meeting attended by more than 400 researchers and representatives of the national authorities, some of whom participated via video from the mainland and Taiwan, “In light of the presence of 99 percent of cases in China, the matter is still to some extent Faraway is a state of emergency for that country, but it is a very serious threat to the rest of the world. ”
Today, Tuesday, the Chinese authorities announced that the new Corona virus has killed 1016 people across the country, and the number of confirmed cases of the virus has increased to 42,638 cases.

“As of midnight on February 10, the National Health Commission of China obtained data from 31 provinces, stating that the number of confirmed patients was 42,638, and 1,016 people died,” the National Health Commission of China said in a statement.

The statement confirmed the recovery of 3,996 people infected with the virus.


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