WhatsApp is testing a new feature for individual chats


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The WhatsApp app added a new feature to the company’s latest beta release on mobile devices that support Android and iOS operating systems, allowing users to remove messages automatically after a specified time has passed.

He was the first to Monitor this feature It is the site “WABetaInfo” specializing in following up the features of the WhatsApp application, and the site wrote: “In the new updates for WhatsApp, we discovered a feature under development called (hidden messages) and it will allow the messages to be removed automatically after a specified time.”

He added that the first indications of the feature were monitored in the beta version number 2.19.275 from the WhatsApp app on Android, and the site published screenshots of the feature from the Group Info section, however, he indicated that the feature may be available for individual chats as well.

In the latest beta version 2.19.384, some changes have been observed to WhatsApp features, including: new duration options, and the feature has been renamed to “Delete messages”.


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