What is the truth of the dispute between Russia and Turkey in Idlib?


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The Russian-Turkish talks on the situation in Idlib did not come out with any result, which called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to threaten and threaten to launch a military attack on the Syrian army in the Syrian territories. For his part, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said about Turkey’s implementation of a military operation against the Syrian army: This is the worst scenario, for his part, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “The actions of the Syrian army and Russia are a natural response to remove terrorists from the Idlib area, and the Syrian army responds to provocations and fights terrorists on its soil, not on foreign soil.”

Lavrov added that Moscow is not asking Ankara more than to implement what was agreed upon in Sochi.

Turkish political analyst says about what Erdogan wants by threatening to carry out a military operation in Idlib:

Turkey wants the Syrian crisis to end with a comprehensive solution, with a new constitution and to satisfy the warring parties in a way that serves the interests of Turkey and the interests of the Syrian people, and what is happening in Syria is a natural extension of Turkey, because the war in Syria will extend to the inside of Turkish territory as well, but unfortunately the Syrian army raids them Turkish observation points and the killing of some elements of the Turkish army, and Turkey cannot accept in the recent period, so Turkish statements are normal, and because the Turkish-Russian talks did not lead to a result.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali Al-Ahmad, a member of the Geopolitical Crisis Academy, spoke about the goal of the Turkish army entering the Syrian lands:

“The essence of the dispute in Idlib is that Turkey was unable to separate the moderate opposition from the terrorists, and this is stipulated in the Sochi Agreement implemented by Turkey, and we waited for more than a year and a half, but if Erdogan implemented his threats to launch a military operation, then the Syrian army would respond to it, and the Turkish army entered To support the terrorists. “

For his part, Russian political analyst Andrei Oltsky talked about what is happening in Idlib, saying:

“We understand the Turkish leadership’s disappointment because it is losing control of the northern regions of Syria, but these lands are not affiliated with Turkey, and Turkey must withdraw sooner or later from this land. The main reason for the tension in Idlib is the success of the Syrian army in combating terrorism and liberating Syrian lands.” .

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