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Maybe you sometimes dream of starting a professional racing career yourself. If you are too old for that, then you may want to see your son or daughter try. Well, grab the wallet. If you want to make it all the way to Formula 1, you have lost a bizarre amount of money.

Of course, it depends to a large extent on your performance or your talent, if you want to get far in motor racing. Yet money has always been important, nowadays even more than ever. Think of drivers like Lance Stroll, who saw doors open in racing thanks to a wealthy father. We will list what it all costs globally to come to Formula 1. It must of course start somewhere and almost standard goes that karting is the start of professional drivers. In the small go-kart-like cars you learn the basics of racing. The younger you start, the better.

Max Verstappen, for example, already started karting at the age of four or five. Actually right around the time that it was physically possible for the first time. Via regional championships, national championships and ultimately international kart championships you have to try to work your way up. That depends largely on your talent, but of course also on the material. That costs a lot of money, just like all traveling. In the karting you almost all arrange that yourself. An estimate of the costs for the karting period of your racing career: approximately one million euros.

Max and Jos Verstappen

Oops, that is swallowing. Well, if you have succeeded in putting yourself in the spotlight in the karting and you can go one step higher, then you have the chance that you will either end up in a race car class or in a single seater. Let’s take the Formula Renault as an example. Many of the current F1 drivers have taken that as the next step. The cost for this is 350 thousand euros, for one season. You may even need two seasons, but if you have succeeded in excelling there too, then one of the different Formula 3 classes is the next stop.

According to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, it is advisable to complete two seasons in that class. Total costs for two years Formula 3: just under one and a half million euros. Congratulations, you have also succeeded in making Formula 3 a success and now your dream is really coming into view. The next stop is Formula 2. Now it is getting serious. Traveling with Formula 1 and racing in cars that are very close to the real thing. In terms of costs, this is certainly the case, because a year in Formula 2 can easily cost you one and a half to two million euros.

Assuming for a moment that you are doing great work immediately in the year Formula 2 and you see an opening at a Formula 1 team, grab your wallet again. According to Toto Wolff, teams often charge around two to three million euros if you want to get a seat. Provided they are interested, of course.
If we add it all up a little bit, then we come to an amount towards the eight million euros to get into Formula 1. That is of course a very broad estimate. The pace of your career, for example, has a lot of influence on it, as well as the material and team choices.

Do you want to know what alternative ways there are to reach Formula 1? Then check the video below!

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