Werder goes down the path of the sunken grandees


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In the last few years, big clubs in German football have fallen into oblivion. In 2017-18 Hamburg, winner of the European Champions Cup in 1983 and 6-time national champion, fell out of the First Bundesliga for the first time after 55 seasons of constant presence in the German elite. An even tougher fate has come for Kaiserslautern – the Fritz Walter Stadion club has triumphed four times with the Silver Salad Shop, but is currently growing into the Third League. And Werder is threatened by such a fate, Betindex warned, following the negative trend in the performance of “pregnant musicians”.

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The team from Northern Germany has only once dropped out of the Bundesliga after its creation in 1963. This happened in 1980, with the Weser Stadion team returning to the elite as early as the second season. So for 39 years without interruption, Bremen has had its representative in the elite, during which time it has won 3 times the championship title (there was one in 1965) and 5 times the German Cup. But in the middle of the 2019-20 season, Werder fell into a serious crisis that overshadowed memories of a glorious past.

After winning just one victory for 8 matches between December 8, 2019 and February 8, 2020 and losing all other championship matches, the “Bremen Musicians” have collapsed to the penultimate spot in the Bundesliga. The presentation of Weser Stadion is even more tragic – Werder recorded 8 consecutive unsuccessful households, including 5 consecutive defeats by outsiders Paderborn and Union (Berlin), and was downgraded by 0: 5 by Hoffenheim.

Is the coach credible?

This collapse took place under the guidance of Florian Coffeld, who finished last season with the North German team in 8th place in the Bundesliga. This brought the young specialist a new contract with the Bremen club by the summer of 2021. In the midst of this campaign, however, it became clear that the mentor was unable to control the situation, and most fans of the Greens were convinced that a coaching march was necessary. to get the team out of the relegation zone. But even after the defeat at home against the debutante in the elite Union (Berlin), the club’s leadership has voted confidence in Kofeld.

Werder’s main problems are in defense – after 21 rounds the “pregnant musicians” have allowed as many as 48 hits to their network. In this respect, at this stage, there is no season, no team in the Bundesliga whose neck has been hit more often (as has Mainz 05, but scored 6 more than Werder Bremen) – more than twice the average per game. At the same time, Coffeld’s attack also did not work effectively, with offensive midfielder Milot Rasica becoming the main implementer.

There are also quite a few young players in the squad, including Ilia Gruev, Jr. – the son of a former Bulgarian national who has worked in Germany for many years. The potential is there, but the lack of experience has its impact. But for the Hamburgers and Kaiserslauterns mentioned earlier, declines were given a year or two, even more, before the Bundesliga relegation. Werder had no serious concerns last season, but now they have to fight hard to avoid the grim fate of other former greats.

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