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The corona virus has delayed weddings in China.

Many young Chinese couples have delayed their marriage after the government asked people to stay in their homes, but Qing and Chenchiao young couples from the city have been delayed. Qingdao made another decision.

The young couple had planned their wedding, and the only change was the cancellation of the invitation.

“We are in a difficult time, especially as we are fighting the killer virus and everybody has to take the necessary precautions, so we decided not to invite a party and not have a ceremony,” the Chinese groom said. However, a wedding is only a celebration and more importantly our happiness. ”

At the wedding, the groom wore a medical mask and drove to a bridal home in Qingdao with a car decorated. She encountered a medical mask after removing the red scarf from the bride’s face. In less than five minutes, the bride’s father gave a brief speech, then the bride and groom bowed to him and the ceremony ended.

“Everything was canceled,” said young bride Chen Chiao. Only a few hundred yuan was spent on my wedding. But these are not important. I married my beloved man. “

The Chinese couple went through three checkpoints on their way home and measured their body temperature. Along the way, volunteers and security forces present at the checkpoints also congratulated their marriage.


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