Wedding Lamborghini crashes into VW Golf and turns into fireball video


A Lamborghini supercar rented for a wedding crashed into a Volkswagen Golf, according to the newspaper The Sun, and turned into a fireball. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the accident.

The accident occurred on February 16 in the British city of Bradford. According to the local police, the Lamborghini exceeded the speed limit of 64 km / h and hit a parked car, which rammed another car nearby due to the impact.

A video showing the burning vehicle has been released on YouTube. According to the newspaper, the value of the car was around 325,000 euros.

As a result of the accident, the 25-year-old Lamborghini driver suffered a head injury and was taken to Leeds General Infirmary Hospital. His passengers and the Volkswagen driver were only slightly injured.

The police are currently investigating the incident.

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